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Our Process

From start to finish you can be assured that Walker Panels team will work with you to accomplish your goals.


Get Ultimate Control. Get Walker Panels



Each step of the design process is made easy for you by our highly skilled designer. Whether you need us to build to an approved set of drawings or to work with you through the design stage of a new panel, we're here to help and advise you through the process.



A water booster pump system  increases low water pressure and flow. It provides pressure to move water throughout a whole house or commercial facility, such as an apartment complex. It provides the extra boost needed to bring your water pressure to the desired level, ensuring adequate water pressure is delivered throughout.

                                                      Get Ultimate Control. Get Walker Panels



As a certified member of CSA Group, our Control Panels are built, tested and certified to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14/UL 508A  here in our Midland facility. Strict standards for Industrial Control Equipment in Canada and the United States are met.

This process eliminates the need for third party inspections. We have also developed an efficient process for approvals directly by CSA GROUP regarding equipment for hazardous locations. Please contact us with any further questions regarding CSA certification.





What are the benefits of  CSA testing?

If we're building a 600V 100HP Motor Starter or controls for monitoring water pressure, immediately following production and testing your control panel has a CSA certification label attached. This seal indicates compliance in North America as well as eliminating possible third party inspections and re-evaluation costs.

What type of design drawings do you offer?

Our electrical designer creates our drawings using AutoCAD 2021. He can design something as simple as a layout or offer a full package including layout, BOM and schematics. Although cCSAus Certified Control Panels do not require "Engineered Stamped" drawings, we do offer this service if your requirements deem it necessary. As well, we have the ability to re-do your older drawings for existing panels.

What kind of

turn-around can I expect?

Using both email & phone, to communicate, a member of Walker Panels will reply to your inquiry as promptly as possible. Once we have all information required a quote can be provided to you usually 2-4 business days . From the production stage to shipping your completed product, we're generally looking at a 2 week to 5 week time frame, depending on the scope of work. Expedited services are available.

What types of sales options do you offer?

Walker Panels has the capabilities to produce       "one-off' panels or multiple identical systems when required. As well we can produce Cable Assemblies, individually or in volume quantities. If you're having trouble finding a particular component, Walker Panels can source and sell individual items as required. We can also offer suggestions for alternative components, using our comprehensive line of suppliers.

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