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Experience Walker Panels


Inclined Elevation

Walker Panels have been building custom panels and remotes for Inclined Elevation for the last five years and we're delighted with their impeccable work and service. The panels are beautifully laid out, built, labelled and documented. Their technical services are great too, they always take the time to answer questions and work with us to develop new features

John Weinstein Ph.D




Here at Rock-Tech, located in Lively Ontario, we can always count on Walker Panels to supply us with high quality control panels, using first rate components as well as exceptional workmanship. Knowing that our panels are built to CSA standards gives us the added assurance that all safety specifications are adhered to. We have had a successful business relationship with Phil and his team since 2008 and are happy to have it continue to grow.

Dan Lemieux

Key Account Manager


Valued Customer

I have been involved with Walker Panels for 20+ years. The company I work for designs and produces equipment for municipalities and mines to purify waste water, my department is responsible for the center drives. Walker Panels designs and produces electrical control panels and torque load cell panels & tooling required, plus many other electrical type components for this equipment. The guys at Walker Panels: Phil, Richard and Tim really know their stuff and are so easy to work with, it's like working with a friend you have known for years. They are always willing to listen and give their best suggestions, willing to talk to customers on issues that we just can't answer. When a breakdown project comes up that we need started and completed asap they never hesitate to get on it , with the very best delivery date that can be provided. I really cannot think of one instance in all the years working with Walker Panels where the workmanship or product has ever been questioned or has failed, it's always top notch. I consider them "friends" and am treated like that. Great people!

They have saved the day for me and the Company many times.


Jeff from UTAH

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